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SUNNIEST (№T_JEP—10716—1999)


Project Name:
European and Russian joint project onthe TEMPUS programme «The State University ofNovosibirsk inNetwork ofEuropean Studies» (T_JEP 10716—1999SUNNIEST)

Performance Period:
December 15, 1999— June 30, 2003

Project Members:

  • Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan, Italy)— project coordinator.
  • University of Utrecht (the Netherlands).
  • Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich, Germany).
  • State University of Novosibirsk (Russia).

Project Purpose:
to set up Centre of European Studies of NSU.

Educational bodies of NSU involved in the project:
The project was performed bythe professors ofthe Humanities, ofthe Faculty ofEconomy and the Faculty ofJournalism ofNSU onthe base ofCES under the guidance ofL.G. Panin (2000-2001) and T.U.Bogomolova (2001-2003) asrepresentatives ofeducational bodies ofNSU.


In2000-2003almost all the professors ofCES passed their short-term trainings inEuropean universities-partners which resultes inthe elaboration ofabout 30teaching courses. The main parts ofthe programme ofsupplementary education onthe speciality ofEuropean Studies appeared tobethe following.

  • History and Politics of Europe.
  • Economy and Law.
  • Culture and Society.
  • Applied Aspects of European Studies.

The worked upprogramme was aimed atteaching the students ofthree faculties ofNSU (Humanities, Economy and Journalism) who came through the competitive selection process and who were oriented towards getting supplementary education inbridge with the basic education.

During three years more than 60students had their studies atCES which resulted inwriting the graduation paper (19students from the first enrollment, 2000; 16students from the second enrollment, 2001; and 12students from the third enrollment, 2002). The best students ofCES had their short-term trainings inEuropean universities-partners: Universit Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan, Italy) and the University ofUtrecht (the Netherlands).

The cooperation resulted inwell-established relations between the NSU library and the library ofUniversit Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan, Italy).

One ofthe rooms ofNSU was fitted out with multimedia equippment with the financial support ofthe project not tomention the computer room atCES and various publications and textbooks for the courses.

InNovember 2002, the international conference «New Russia and New Europe inthe Global Age: from Neighbours toPartners» was held byCES with the participation ofRussian scientists from Moscow, Novosibirsk and Tomsk and their overseas colleagues from the USA, Italy and the Netherlands (conference programme).

During 2000— 2003, programmes for almost every course taught inCES were published inRussian— two digests were published inthe publishing house, and one was multiplied using the risograph:

  • «Programmes ofthe courses onhistorical disciplines» (2001, 100copies).
  • «Programmes ofthe courses onsocial and economic disciplines» (2002, 100copies).
  • «Programmes ofthe courses onphilosophical, philological disciplines and oninternational relations» (2003, 20copies).

With the assistance ofthe partners from Universit Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan, Italy), CES received from Laterza publishing house the right for publishing the Russian translation ofthe book «Manuale diRelazioni Internazionali: Dal sistema bipolare all'eta globale» (acura diG. John Ikenberry eVittorio Emanuele Parsi). The manual was issued inNSU printing house.

The realization ofthe given project was consistent with the general strategy ofdevelopment ofNSU (development ofinternational connections and networks, improvement ofthe quality ofteaching inthe field ofsocial sciences, extending the nomenclature ofthe disciplines being taught inNovosibirsk State University).


Conference Programme