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Centre ofEuropean Studies ofNSU was set upin2000with the support ofthe Tempus Tacis programme ofthe European Commission. CES started their activities with the performance ofaEuropean and Russian joint project «Novosibirsk State University inNetwork ofEuropean Studies»(NT_JEP- 10716-1999) drawn together byNSU and European universities— partners: Universit Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan, Italy), the University ofUtrecht (the Netherlands), Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich, Germany).The project was given ashort name SUNNIEST, thus encougaging the Italian colleagues tosuggest animage ofsun asasymbol ofthe project. Afterwards, the symbol ofthe project was attributed toCES aswell.

Within the framework ofthe project SUNNIEST, the professors teaching atthree faculties ofNSU (Humanities, Economy and Journalism) worked upatwo-year programme ofsupplementary education onthe speciality ofEuropean Studies comprising twelve courses with the scope ofhistory ofEurope and European integration, economy and law inmodern Europe. Moreover, the students were offered tomaster their English aswell astohave achoice ofeither German orItalian language tostudy. InJune 2000there was the first enrollment ofstudents tothe programme ofEuropean Studies atCES. The four-year students both ofHumanities and ofthe Faculty ofEconomy became the first students ofCES. Ayear later, the students ofanewly-created Faculty ofJournalism joined them.

More than 60students ofNSU graduated from the programme ofsupplementary education onthe speciality ofEuropean Studies within the years 2000-2003. Many ofthem either continue their education overseas orwork for international organizations and joint ventures inRussian Federation.

In2003, CES initiated the process ofsigning the contract between the University for Foreigners (Siena, Italy) and the State University ofNovosibirsk with the intention ofdisseminating both Italian language and culture inRussian Federation. According tothe contract, NSU was delegated the right toissue CILS certificates. Itmeans, the examination tests are sent toSiena tobechecked up. Ifthe results are successful, students receive acertificate indicating one ofthe four levels oftheir skills ofItalian asaforegn language.

Since 2003and uptothe present time, inCES throughout anacademic year native speakers with great teaching expertise give lessons and carry out CILS examinations and paid training courses for CILS examination twice ayear. Uptothe moment there have been more than 30inhabitants ofNovosibirsk and other Siberian and Far-Eastern regions who received CILS certificates.

In2004the European Commission supported the performance ofajoint European and Russian project ofthe TEMPUS programme «Master inEconomic Sociology supported byECTS inNovosibirsk going towards Educational Reform» (T_JEP 24057— 2003MESSENGER). In2005, itisinCES that the implementation ofthe project was initiated bythe professors ofthe Chair ofGeneral Sociology ofthe Faculty ofEconomy ofNSU together with the European partners: Universit Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy (which appears tobeacoordinator ofthe project), University ofTilbourg (the Netherlands), and Erasmushogeschool Brussels (Belgium).